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You’ve probably seen or at least heard about electrical fires. Fortunately, they are not an everyday occurrence. However, electrical fires or overheating are sobering. These serious industrial accidents result in critical disaster at our family.
What are the influencing factors behind these disasters?
Normally, we can assume that there are a couple of main independent modes of electrical overheating that lead to electrical fires: excessive current, insulation breakdown, inductive heating and poor connections.
Excessive current is rare, because circuit breakers and fuses (if sized correctly) typically protect against this occurrence. However, poor connections can be very efficient at overheating, because they can generate a high wattage over a small area for a long period of time. If the watt density is high enough, the connection will glow. An oxide actually forms in the (loose) contact area, and the resistance of the oxide causes the P = I 2 R dissipation.


On overheating, the temperature of the part rises above the operating temperature. Overheating can take place if heat is produced in more than the expected amount (such as in cases of short-circuits, or applying more voltage than rated), or if heat dissipation is poor, so that normally produced  waste heat does not drain away properly.  Overheating may be caused from any accidental fault of the circuit (such as short-circuit or spark-gap), or may be caused from a wrong design or manufacture (such as lack of proper a heat dissipation system). Due to accumulation of heat, the system reaches to an equilibrium of heat accumulation vs. dissipation at a much higher temperature than expected.

Why, we could do with the LookCap?

Mostly, making tight electrical connections is critical to a safe wiring Job. If the wires come loose, you could get arcing and overheating, which could lead to a fire. However, thanks to LookCap, it’s fairly easy to check out safe, strong connections.
The “LookCap” is designed for prior warning of electrical overheating which might occur in electrical wire connection and be mostly caused by poor connection. The “LookCap” is standing out by two main parts: a color printed part fades if the heat in the connection rises up to about 65℃ ~70℃ and a transparent part that enables you to check whether stranded wire connection is secured.