What is the LookCap?

The LookCap is an insulated & solderless terminal cap by which an engineer can check out the electric arc or overheating, in case these happen, in the area of electric wire connection. The surface of the LookCap consists of two separated color area. One is colored part which turns faded up to about 65°C~70°C, which means you check out  whether the electric arc or overheating  happens at the connection linked to the terminal and one is a transparent part through which you can see the electric wire correctly placed.
The LookCap is highly designed for preventing you from any potential electrical fire or overheating in connecting wire jobs.

How it works

The lookup is an insulation cap designed for solderless terminal using for cable termination and enables engineers to check the proper connection of electric wire & solderless terminal and to avert overheating as seeing the color fading in the termination.

Advantages of the LookCap

Enabling visual check for a connection between cable conductor & terminal.
Monitoring overheating of terminal contact area.
Strong resistant material against fire, overheat.
The mixing ratio of raw material is critical technology, we are proud of.
The optimum mixing ratio of raw material enables original color of LookCap to turn into a transparent color resulted from overheat of the conductor.

Optimum mixing ratio of raw material

PVC resin:58.6%
Flame retardant:24.91%
Thermo colorant :3~5%

The applications are;

  • Computer wire & cable harnesses
  • Semiconductor Equipment wire & cable harnesses
  • LCD/LED display wiring process
  • Automobile manufacturing wire & cable harness
  • Medical Equipment wire & cable harnesses
  • Control wire & cable harnesses
  • Power distribution wire & cable harnesses
  • Data wire & cable harnesses
  • Aerospace wire & cable harness
  • Military/Industrial wire & cable harness
  • Nuclear power station wire & cable harness
  • Etc..