Social Responsibility commitment

Our Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) programs are designed to benefit our employees, customers and community. We focus on the following topics:
Commitment to our employees


We are committed to ethical conduct.
Equal opportunity employer
A commitment to the use of fair business practices
Prohibition of bribes, gifts, and kickbacks
Strict confidentiality of customer and supplier Intellectual Property.
Supply chain ethics


We are an eco-friendly firm.
As part of its environmental responsibility policy, We are committed to;
Promoting the law and all environmental regulations and minimizing carbon dioxide emission in the manufacturing process.
Recycling materials such as paper, metals, and batteries.
Minimizing all activities that have an adverse effect on the environment such as the use of gasoline.
Cooperating with customers and suppliers in their efforts to be environmentally responsible.

Commitment to our employees

We are proud of its low employee turnover. The company‚Äôs management practices are based on the following policies:
Respect for the individual.
Equal opportunity regardless of gender, religion, age, or ethnic background.
Employee personal growth.
Shorten business hours every Wednesday.