Since founded in Dec, 2011, We’d like to express deep appreciation to our customers who have been cooperating with us on the LookCap business so far.
We’ve been manufacturing not only various PVC coating applications, Boots, Dust Cap, PVC sleeves, PVC caps, but also Thermo-cap,”LookCap” since founded and we’ve strived to continuous development in the production with great support from our customers.
Thoroughgoing quality assurance & accumulated production process technique lie on one of our top applicable actions to our customers. Our staffs are striving for sharing delight with our customers.
We are one of leading PVC coating manufacturers in Korea. Since founded in 2011, We have been producing a broad range of PVC coatings, LookCaps(Thermo-Cap), Boots, Dust Cap and PVC sleeves for a diverse range of markets including semiconductor, electric processing. We offer a broad range of standard and specialty Cap, tube, boots and sleeves under our’s & OEM brand.



With highly qualified engineers & equipment, we have superior capability to efficiently service our customers. This translates to prompt deliveries and superior responsiveness from our knowledgeable and courteous customer care team. Our dedication to service is at the core of our business and remains unparalleled in the industry.


Our respect toward customers

  • Striving for unlimited service innovation toward customers
  • Seeking high technique for better productivity
  • Keeping on-time delivery to customers
  • Minimizing contaminated in the manufacturing process