LookCap for safety on Electric wire Lug & Terminal connection The “LookCap” is designed for prior warning of electrical overheating which might occur in electrical wire connection and be mostly caused by poor connection. The “LookCap” is standing out by


We offer a wide range of high-quality Thermo-cap(LookCap) and PVC caps for technology in the electronics applications.
We keep a large stock of standard off the shelf UL and CSA caps.


 What is the LookCap? The LookCap is an insulated & solderless terminal cap by which an engineer can check out the electric arc or overheating, in case these happen, in the area of electric wire connection. The surface of the

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About us

Welcome to the DAEILCOATINGCO co.,ltd website! This site is created to show you what advantages we have in the business of the LookCap with our staffs.

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The LookCap for nearly a couple of years. I've used various types of the LookCap they provide and have been continually impressed with all they've brought to us. Even after all these years, they continue to develop new models that bring new customers my way. I highly recommend working with DAEILCOATINGCO co.,ltd.

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